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Sustainability and Environment

Committed with
Green Management

At POWERCHINA we mantain environmental protection as the cornerstone of sustainable development, we strictly comply with national and international laws, as well as regulations on environmental protection.

We fully support the development of green and low-carbon energies, we promote the construction and operation of green and low-carbon infrastructures, we strengthen the management of the ecological environment and the protection of biodiversity, we actively respond to climate change, we maintain harmonious coexistence between humans and nature and provide strong support for global sustainable development.

           Developing clean energies

Keeping in mind the mission of "developing clean energy, creating a green environment and serving smart cities", we are committed to the development of new energy and participates in the grand scheme of the energy revolution. In 2021, POWERCHINA has implemented the restructuring of the new energy business and established POWERCHINA Renewable Energy Development Co. Ltd. to plan, coordinate and promote the development of the Company's new energy business.



             Prevention and control of solid waste pollution


We strive to comply and be strict with the treatment of solid waste and waste generated in projects and in our operation in general. We review the Company's HSA system in a timely manner to ensure that solid waste management meets the latest national, local and industry requirements. We have the focus of reducing waste from the source of emission, supervising and managing the entire process of collection, storage, transportation and use of solid waste, carrying out the appropriate final treatments of waste according to local regulations.


           Circular economy principle

As a company committed to the environment, we work hard to develop a circular economy based on the three principles of reduction, reuse and recycling, achieving the efficient use of resources, the gradual use and recycling the main waste products generated in the production and service processes. 

Download here our corporate environmental report.


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