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Our services

In POWERCHINA INTERNATIONAL COLOMBIA we have operational, technical and financial capacity to offer a wide variety of services in the area of hydropower, solar energy, electrical networks, water treatment and infrastructure construction.

Our group has world-class construction capacity, including the annual capacity of 300 million m3 of earth and rock cutting, 30 million m3 of concrete placement, 15,000 MW of installation of turbine-generator units, 1-million-ton of metal fabrication works, 5-million m3 of foundation grouting as well as 540,000 m3 of construction of impervious walls.

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We are recognized to have "avant-garde" experience in the water sector. Our focus cover the development and management of water resources, water supply, wastewater treatment, waste management, ports and waterways. POWERCHINA has completed more than 871 water-related projects in China and 142 projects around the world.


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We are a leading global company in the planning, design and construction of hydroelectric projects. With a proven track record and vast industry experience, we have established a solid reputation as experts in the field of hydropower.

We have designed and built more than 200 large and medium hydroelectric stations. The cumulative installed capacity of these projects has exceeded 200 GW, demonstrating our experience and leadership in the hydroelectric industry.



One of our business pillars is energy.

We develop projects across the entire energy generation, transmission, and supply chain, executing some of the most significant projects globally, from design and EPC to operation and maintenance.

Unconventional renewable energies are also a key part of our core business. We offer expertise in projects involving solar, wind, biomass, oceanic, geothermal, hydrogen, among others.

To date, POWERCHINA has successfully undertaken the construction and implementation of such projects with the following figures: 64GW of installed solar energy in China, 136GW of installed wind energy in China, and 15GW and 12GW of installed solar and wind energy respectively outside of China.



The capacity of execution of infrastructure projects of PCI is one of the strengths of our company. We have trained personnel, technique, operational and financial capacity to carry out the most ambitious processes of construction for the country.


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