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About Us 

We operate in Colombia as a branch of Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA)an integrated construction group providing investment and financing, design and planning, engineering construction and operational management services in the fields of clean and low carbon energy, water resources, environmental construction and infrastructure.


Focusing on the hydropower and electric power, POWERCHINA has established its presence in diversified market segments that are noted for "comprehensive civil engineering and large construction". 

Since 2016 we have presence in Colombia covering projects of energy, water resources and infrastructure, with a figure of comprehensive provider of investment, financing, design, supervision and construction services.

We work with a comprehensive team highly trained to contribute to the Colombian territory large-scale projects in the hands of one of the largest Energy and Construction companies in the world.  

In POWERCHINA INTERNATIONAL COLOMBIA we are commited with a sustainable development of our projects and the impact they have on the local communities where we operate. We strive to be a leader in technology and management to offer innovative solutions and constantly improve our products and services.

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Our clients

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