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"Collective Growth, Trusted Brand, Global Vision"

As one of the largest construction and power companies in the world and with the most integrated industrial chains, POWERCHINA has business in more than 130 countries and regions, and has delivered a series of high-quality and industry-leading projects over the years, attracting the interest and attention of customers around the world.

In Colombia we started operations in 2016 and since then we have contributed to the development of key infrastructure in the country, carrying out high-impact projects providing the knowledge and capacity of our company together with our focus on social and environmental sustainability. 

We offer our clients in Colombia the entire industry value chain.

Pre-feasibility, feasibility, detailed engineering, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance. We provide all business models, from EPC to project financing and/or investment at any stage. We participate in various project allocation processes for clean energy, electrical interconnection, transportation infrastructure, housing, water, sanitation, and mining, in a continuous growth and consolidation of our local operations.

Corporate Profile

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Our projects in Colombia

Our global recognition together with our local work has allowed us to expand our operation in Colombia, carrying out power generation projects, water treatment plants, mining projects (civil works) and infrastructure. We have more than 1,100 direct and indirect professions involved in our operation, contributing their knowledge to the execution of high-impact works for the country. 
Among our clients are some of the largest local companies, who have entrusted Powerchina Colombia the execution of their projects. 

Our services

We cover a wide range of services including infrastructure business, hydroelectric power, electricity, water sector and environment services.

We offer integrated solutions and complete process services, ranging from investment and financing, project planning, studies, design, construction, to manufacturing, installation and operation.


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Powerchina Hydroelectric

Hydroelectric, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, wind and solar plants, biomass, hydrogen, transmission and interconnection. 

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Water Resource and Environment

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Comprehensive development and use of water resources, ecological and environmental restoration. Water management and treatment, drinking water, ports and water canals, water desalination, as well as other types of environmental management projects. 

Design and construction of infrastructure for power generation, integrated transport corridors with highways, bridges, infrastructure for railways, ports and navigation channels, rural and urban infrastructure, optimization of urban space and development of mining infrastructure. 

Hidroeléctrica Powerchina

Cll. 93 #11 A 28, Bogota. Colombia. 

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